Yellobrates are gentle, but powerful beasts.

Description for Pales

Yellobrates are strong, but gentle.

Description for PaleDarks

Yellobrates are powerful. And speedy, to boot!

Description for Darks

Yellobrates dodge! It feels great to make a clean getaway!

Description for Clashes

Primetime Pouncing! Dodge with the best of them!

Description for Rages


The strongest cubivore, Splits, in the Bestiary.

Yellobrates are the Yellow Cubivores. The first cubivore the player ever meets in the game is a Yellobrate.

Special abilities

Yellobrates have sheer strength and iron defense. With knowledge, the player can mutate into Stocking, then Scarf to beat the Cubscout Beast.


Pale: Tools

PaleDark: Things to wear that aren't clothes

Dark: Destruction

Clash: Exercises

Rage: Knee Arrangements