The player runs into a Scarf. This happens as a Pig.
Cubivore Type PaleDark
Cubivore Species Yellobrate
No. of Limbs 1
Min Stomach Points 18
Attack Power 3
Defense Power 1
Dash E
Pounce E
Jump E
Reverse E

Mutation Bio

Scarf is a PaleDark mutation. Scarfs have only one limb, that connects to the middle underneath its body. It's one limb of meat lays to the left side of its body, and it moves by moving the limb forward, and pushing it back to move forward.


Scarfs are a decent mutation to use. It is an all around good mutation, With even Dash, Pounce, Jump, and Reverse. But, you should use a clash and/or rage mutation, if you have any in your E-Z mutate.

Additional Information

This Cubivore is first found in Paw Dunes. It will be the strongest creature encountered so far once the player encounters it. If the player knows about a nearby Stocking and wants to unleash the Scarf's Power, then the player may eat the Stocking and then the Scarf and ignore the Maraca so that the player can use its power to beat the Cubscout Beast in a cinch.