Redapeds can jump! Man, have they got hops!

Description for Pales.

Redapeds can jump sky-high!

Description for PaleDarks

Redapeds get the longest hang time!

Description for Darks

Redapeds can hop! Watch out for their right!

Description for Clashes

Jump for joy!

Description for Rages

A Redaped is a Red Cubivore. A Majority are birds. The ones who are not birds are Pigs and Bears.

The best jumper, Piano, in the Bestiary

Special powers

Redapeds can jump high. They can jump over most bosses, such as the Scoutmaster Beast. Redapeds don't do well in attack.


Pale(i.e. Pink Cubivore): Flag-related.

PaleDark: Guns

Dark: Tools

Clash: Cowboy Terms

Rage: Instruments