Purpials can back up fast! They can even turn on a dime!

Description for Pales

Purpials can back up fast! Even faster than forward!

Description for PaleDarks

Purpials can back up so fast they even hunt backwards!

Description for Darks

Purpials can reverse like mad! They even attack while running away!

Description for Clashes

Warp-speed Reversal and Great Defense, too.

Description for Rages

The Purpials are the Purple Cubivores. Their heads are purple unless the player got the mutation in a previous lap that ended, where they are Pigs, Bears, and Birds.

Special abilities

Purpials do a little bad on all stats but reversal, which is its top power.


Pale: Buttons on a CD Player

PaleDark: Things to wear, mostly dresses

Dark: Major parts of life

Clash: Cleaning items

Rage: Postures