Mullet status page
Cubivore Type Pale
Cubivore Species Greyodon
No. of Limbs 2
Min Stomach Points 36
Attack Power 6
Defense Power 2
Dash C
Pounce D
Jump E
Reverse D

Mutation Bio

Mullets are two limbed, pale Greyodon cubivores. Mullets have one meat flap on the top of their head, near the back. The other meat flap is under its body connected to the middle. Mullets move around by hopping quickly.

All pale greyodons have names relating to hair. This includes Buzzcut, Mullet, Dreadlock, Afro, Toupee, and Bedhead.


The Mullet is fast for a pale greyodon, But their attack, reverse and defence are very low. their jump and pounce are decent, though, for a 2-limb Cubivore.