Mutation Bio

Cubivore maraca
The maraca mutation's status page.
Cubivore Type Pale
Cubivore Species Bluocyte
No. of Limbs 2
Min Stomach Points 29
Attack Power 6
Defense Power 2
Dash E
Pounce C
Jump E
Reverse D

Maracas are two-limbed bluocyte Cubivores. They have one meat flap connected to the bottom of their head, in the middle. connected to that meat flap, is another meat flap, near the bottom. Its body is shaped like a right pointing V if viewed from its left side.

Maracas start off as bluocytes, but their color can change if they eat another Cubivore.


Maracas are a relatively weak mutation. They have decent pouncing ability, but attack, reverse, and defense, are very weak. their dash and jump are not much better, either.