Herbibeasts are harmless creatures made of leaf flaps. they can be eaten to restore health and any of your wounds.


Herbibeasts in the Cubivore manual


Herbibeasts have a leafy texture, like the vegetabug. They're usually made of 3 or four leaf flaps. The shape of the Herbibeasts head is unlike any other Cubivore, Their heads are made up of 3 leaf flaps. They're very fast and can be a hassle to hunt down if you're a yellobrate.

Other information

The Herbibeast, as mentioned before, can restore some of your health, and heal your wounds when you eat it. Herbibeasts are usually found in groups, but you can still find them alone. Herbibeasts also don't have a health bar, so it only takes one hit to knock it out. After, you can bite off its leaf flaps. If you have fangs, however, you may rip off 2 to 4 leaf flaps.


  • One boss is a Herbibeast, but it has health, and it can duplicate itself.