Greyodons can dash like the wind itself!

Description for Pales

Greyodons can dash and attack like lightning!

Description for PaleDarks


Description for Darks

Greyodons have Speed! Great for Stunning Surprise Attacks!

Description for Clashes

The Uberbeast!


Greyodons are the Grey Cubivores. Their Rage meat is black in color, and most Greyodons are dogs. However, the Ken in Meatmaze sounds like a cat when pouncing and scaring the player.

Special Ability

Greyodons have decent attack power, which some say is superior to the Yellobrate's, when it really is the second-highest attack power. Greyodons have good points and excellent speed.

The Ken is a Greyodon

Clash Colors

Meat 1: Grey
Meat 2: Yellow
Meat 3: Red||
Meat 4: Blue||
Meat 5: Purple||

The 6-Limb Clash Greyodon, Beastruction, has two of one color and one of each other.




Pale: Hairstyles

PaleDark: Notekeepers

Dark: All have the prefix "Scent-".

Clash: Involves housing

Rage: Names with the suffix "-en"