Dreadlock is a Greyodon, and a pale mutation.


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Cubivore Type Pale
Cubivore Species Greyodon
No. of Limbs 3
Min Stomach Points 63
Attack Power 12
Defense Power 6
Dash C
Pounce D
Jump D
Reverse D

Dreadlock Cubivores have 3 meat flaps, and they start out as Greyodons.

Two meat flaps form under it's head, giving the appearance of them being legs. One meat is in the front, and one is in the back. The third meat flap is at the back of it's head, near the top, sticking out from behind.

Dreadlock also has a close resemblance to the mutation Afro, and their names are both based off hair styles.


Dreadlocks are a ok mutation. They have ok dash, which helps them when in a tough situation. Their attack is decent too. Other then dash and attack, Dreadlocks and no good in pouncing and jumping, and reverse.