Cranky status page
Cubivore Type Pale
Cubivore Species Yellobrate
No. of Limbs 3
Min Stomach Points 60
Attack Power 12
Defense Power 6
Dash D
Pounce D
Jump E
Reverse D

Mutation Bio

Cranky is a pale Yellobrate mutation with 3 limbs. Their limb connection is a bit complicated. It has one limb that is under their head in the middle. Connected to that limb, is another piece of meat laying flat with its top connected to the piece connected to the head, and the other end connected to the other meat at the back, which is in the same position as the first one. A Crankys movement is much like a horse's, but it is much slower.

All Pale Yellobrates have names relating to tools. This includes...


Cranky is an overall weak mutation. It's jump is the worst of its ability's. It has decent health, and its attack is OK, though.