Bluocytes can pounce far! Bigger ones can do a rolling pounce!

Description for Pales

Bluocytes are Pounce Machines! And they do Nice Diagonals!

Description for PaleDarks

Bluocytes move sideways. They're like Long-range Snipers!

Description for Darks

Bluocytes pounce from afar! Stupendous!

Description for Clashes

Long-range Pouncing!

Description for Rages

The bluocytes are the Blue Cubivores. They are either frogs/toads or snakes.

Special Powers

Bluocytes have far-range pouncing. They are on the offensive side, despite being weaker than a Purpial with the same type and limb count.


Pale: Instruments

PaleDark: Sleeping Choices

Dark: Symbols

Clash: Helpers

Rage: Fans

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