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Cubivore Type Pale
Cubivore Species Greyodon
No. of Limbs 4
Min Stomach Points 112
Attack Power 21
Defense Power 15
Dash B
Pounce C
Jump D
Reverse C


Afros have to meat flaps under their head, looking much like two legs, with one meat connected the the front of the Cubivore's head, and one connected to the back. It also has another two meat flaps connected to the side of it's head near the back, one on the left side of the head and one on the right side of the head.

Afros start as a Greyodon, but it's color can be changed by eating another Cubivore of a different color.

All pale greydons Have names relating to hair. This includes Buzzcut, Mullet, Dreadlock, Afro, Toupee, and Bedhead.


Afros have great dash, but low jump. Their pounce and reverse are decent, though. Their attack is good for a one limb Cubivore, and their stomach points are good.